Victorian Steampunk Black and White Wedding Dress


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Whether you are orchestrating an unconventional wedding or preparing for a cosplay gathering, this elegant yet understated three-piece gown stands as an impeccable centerpiece. The ensemble includes an A-line skirt paired with a black button-up vest bodice and a long-sleeved silk jacket, all crafted with precision in-house at Victoria’s Bridal. Inspired by the timeless Victorian era, the gown is imbued with modern sensibilities and subtle steampunk influences, making it a fusion of past and present fashion.

The gown is tailored with approximate measurements of a 36-inch bust, a 32-inch waist, and 40-inch hips, with a length of 43 inches from the waist, catering to a graceful fit. It features a built-in petticoat slip to enhance the skirt’s volume, contributing to the garment’s overall poise and drama.

This particular piece has graced the runway during a fashion show and has been gently tried on by patrons in our store. It remains in pristine condition, awaiting its next debut at your distinguished event.


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